Smanos Security

Starter Kit

  • WiFi/PSTN alarm system ×1
  • MD2300 wireless PIR motion detector ×1
  • DS2300 wireless door/window contact ×1
  • RE2300 wireless remote control ×2

Customise your security with this easy to install DIY system. The smanos W100 is designed to fit into your home discreetly.

Beauty & Techie

The W100 is a sleek-looking security appliance that works in disguise and blends in effortlessly with any residential décor.


  • Model No:W100
  • Power input:DC 12V 500mA
  • Static current:≤65mA
  • Alarm current:≤230mA
  • Backup battery:3.7V 1200 mAh 18650 lithium battery
  • Internal siren volume:110 dB
  • Supported accessories:10 remote controls, 30 sensors
  • Radio frequency:868MHz (±75KHz)
  • Housing material:ABS plastic
  • Operation condition:temperature -10°C ~ +55°C
  • Relative humidity ≤80% (Non-condensing)
  • Dimensions (L×W×H):138.8 x 125 x 125.5 mm

IP6 HD WiFi Camera

IP6 Armed with a high-caliber SONY IMX238 image sensor and a wide-angle 5-megapixel lens, smanos IP6 offers unbeatable field of view and video quality in the DIY space, and renders clear visual confirmation and evidence even in super low-light conditions.

Via the App, you get to see and hear what's going on in your property anywhere, anytime. The built-in HiFi microphone and speaker ensures high-quality two-way audio communication. Together with a smanos intrusion alarm system, you get to enjoy a smart and secure home or SOHO effortlessly and affordably.


Wireless PIR Motion Detector

Leveraging proprietary infrared technology, fuzzy logic and sophisticated algorithms, the sensor accurately detects human body movements within an approximate range of 8 meters, and effectively cuts down on interference and false alarms with automatic temperature compensation and anti-draft technology. The unit works well in the corner of a lobby, hall or corridor.


Wireless Door/Window Contact

The DS2300 works well with any door, window or opening. When triggered (separated), an alarm signal will be sent to the system for appropriate response. It also comes with tamper protection to ensure system integrity, and can work with other wired detectors.


Smoke Alarm

This photoelectric detector is designed to give early warning of a developing fire by sounding its built-in siren. Connects to the SMANOS security system.


Water Flood Detector

Highly reliable and easy to set up, the FD2000 effectively detects water or liquid leakage with proprietary sensing technology, and sends alerts to your smanos control panel for appropriate action. Ideal placement for the FD2000 include kitchens, bathrooms, basements, mechanical rooms, storage lockers and more.


Wireless Remote Control

Easy to carry around on a keychain or in your pocket or purse, the RE2300 helps you quickly arm or disarm your alarm system, and comes with an SOS panic button.


Panic Button

In case of an emergency, simply press the PB1000, and your alarm system will be triggered for appropriate action. It must be used with a smanos alarm control panel or smart home hub.


Outdoor Strobe Siren

The outdoor-rated waterproof SS2800 is an effective crime deterrent. The unit can also work with other accessories such as remote controls, door/window contact sensors and PIR detectors independently without a smanos control panel.


If you are interested please call for more details.


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